3D vision statement

In 3D we will build a great class full of intelligent caring sporty awesome happy fun loving students. We will work together to achieve great learning for everyone. We want to be good role models for the whole school especially the preps. Our keywords for this year are Respect, Care, Fun and Learn.

How were your holidays?

I will never forget this year’s holidays. At first I thought these holidays would be very boring, because I was going to the seaside with my family. I thought I would be looking forward to coming back to school, but I was wrong. I can say my holidays were one of the best in my life.

The beginning was quite boring, but on the 15th of July I went with my parents and my family by the sea. We spent 3 weeks there! We lived at a nice, but quite expensive hotel, I think. Our accommodation was in really good condition. There were two rooms, a huge bathroom, a terrace with Jacuzzi and a swimming-pool in the front of the building. The hotel was near the sea, it was really comfortable. Sometimes we were going back from the beach late at night, quite tired and hungry. During those three weeks I met a lot of interesting and kind people. In fact, I spent most of the time with them. They have become my friends. We were building sandcastles, we were swimming, we visited many interesting places and we were sunbathing. We were also doing many wild things, it was unforgettable. The weather was great- every morning I was waking up to a deep blue sky and blazing sun. Only one day it was raining, but the rain was quite warm.

I enjoyed my holidays. It was great for my health. I was lying on a beach and relaxing… All tensions disappeared. This year’s holidays were worth remembering.


Jezyk posted about his holidays on his blog. What do you think of his writing. Is he missing any important information you might have added? Has he been descriptive enough? https://sciaga.pl/tekst/79912-80-how_did_you_spend_your_holidays

Write a comment telling us all about your holidays. See how descriptive you can make it. Remember to edit before posting. Get a friend to check it over for you.

Watch one of the stories below. Write a short book review, suggesting who you would recommend the story to, why and a short synposis of what the book is about. Remember to use – somebody wanted but so then.




NAPLAN online

Next week we will trial NAPLAN online.

The below link takes you to a site where you can trial some of the questions.



Week 5 literacy activities

Respond to reading

Follow the links to scootle and undertake the tasks.

Sea chase


Visit us


Leave a post telling us what you learnt.

Listen to reading

Watch the clips below. In your book record at least three facts from each of the clips.

History of the telephone

Automobile history


Recycling report


Old computers


Read to someone

Share your animal information report with others in your group. Make suggestions about additional information that could be added to reports.

Read to self

Sustained silent reading.

See if you can find any facts in your reading.

Literacy week 3

Read to self

Silent reading of your novel

Read to someone

With everyone in your group play the I have who has game. Play it several times. Then read your book.

Respond to reading

Read the information about different parts of the ant. Paste the picture of the ant in your book. Cut and paste the facts onto the ant.

When finished do some research on ants. Add other information to the diagram.

Listen to reading

Fill out the What I know about section of the Greenhouse effect thinking tool.

Watch the four animations at this website


Now complete the What I now know about section of the thinking tool.

Week 2 Literacy

Listen to reading.

First watch how to write a procedure.

Then watch watch how to write a procedural text. While you watch it pause at each step and write your own procedural text following the steps. Do not copy theirs, think of your own.


Respond to reading

You will be making a chatterbox. Copy and paste the link to the address bar. Scroll down the page and read all the instructions. Then follow the instructions to make your own chatterbox.


Work on words

Play the Bossy Bats board game. Make sure you notice the Bossy Verbs, the command instructions. These are called imperative verbs.

Read to self.

Read your novel silently to yourself.