3D vision statement

In 3D we will build a great class full of intelligent caring sporty awesome happy fun loving students. We will work together to achieve great learning for everyone. We want to be good role models for the whole school especially the preps. Our keywords for this year are Respect, Care, Fun and Learn.

Week 10 literacy

Learning Intention:

We are learning to infer meaning.

Read these Garfield comics then answer the questions in your book.



Survey monkeys

Grade 3 are learning to ask good survey questions. They have created surveys on survey monkey for everyone to take. They will post the link in the comments. Go into the comments to take their surveys.

Week 9 literacy

Respond to reading

Detective notebook



Listen to reading

On sticky notes add to the chart


What did Jane do?  What actions did she take throughout the story?


How did Jane feel during the story?  Did her feelings change? What impacted Jane, inspiring her to make a difference?


Work on writing

Tell me why

With a partner select either yellow or green.

Explain to a partner answers to your coloured questions. You may answer them in any order you wish.



Respond to reading

Students listen to and read the information presented.

Students answer comprehension questions.



Listen to reading

On student shared

Click on Macmillan then on shortcut.

Students listen to ‘About Milk‘ a Level 24 explanation text on Macmillan.

Students then listen to ‘Growing and Change’ a Level 28 information report on Macmillan.

Students complete a venn diagram, identifying the differences and similarities between the features of an explanation and an information report.


Read to self

Read silently to yourself for enjoyment.

Watch the 6 episodes on persuasive writing. Then watch the video from kid president. What is he trying to persuade you to do?

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4


Episode 5

Episode 6

Kid president





Footy tipping

Do you want to be part of the grade 3 footy tipping?

Go to the link below and join the competition. It is called 2018 grade 3 olgc.

You need to use the password grade3olgc